Warning: There are still a good amount of bugs and issues in the game.

To improve FPS, Press Escape, Click Options, then turn off lighting!


  • WASD to move each direction
    • If you're using Floaty controls
    • WS to move forwards and back.
    • AD to rotate left and right.
  • Use your mouse to aim
  • Left click or Left ctrl to fire a laser
  • R to reload after you run out of ammo

A simple 2-D Top Down Fast Paced Shooter that can be completed within a minute!

Submitted for the "Summer of Fast-to-Complete Games" Game Jam

This game is open-sourced so use any of my personal assets and code. All can viewed from Vector Shot's Github Repo.

Any issues please make a new thread and let me know what is it!

Install instructions

Just play in the browser here on Itch.io!


Vector_Shot_1.0D_017.zip 18 MB
Vector_Shot_1.0D_017_64bit.zip 19 MB

Development log